Why You Shouldn’t Always Trust Science

Using confounding language in scientific studies makes them more believable, but turns out it could all be a lie.

How To Tell When Someone Is Lying To You ►►►►
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Misconduct Widespread in Retracted Science Papers, Study Finds
“Last year the journal Nature reported an alarming increase in the number of retractions of scientific papers — a tenfold rise in the previous decade, to more than 300 a year across the scientific literature.”

Why people fall for bullshit, according to a scientist
“Pennycook is the lead author of a new study wonderfully titled “On the reception and detection of pseudo-profound bullshit.” In it, he and his colleagues asked questions no psychologists have touched on before. Such as: What makes a person a good bullshit detector? Why are some people more susceptible to bullshit than others?”


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