What Really Causes Cavities?

Hate going to the dentist? Keep the millions of microbes in your mouth happy.
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Inspired by the Secret World Inside You exhibition

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Welcome to the Microbiome, by Susan Perkins and Rob DeSalle :

Kissing and the microbiome:

More on thrush from the CDC:

PDF: Role of the Oral Microflora in Health:

The Role of Bacteria in the Caries Process:

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Many thanks to Drs. Susan Perkins, Rob DeSalle, and Anne Tanner

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Footage and Images

Dental Plaque, SEM
Steve Gschmeissner/Science Photo Library

Dental Plaque Bacteria in Phase Microscope 600X Blue Filter

Lovers Kissing Romantic Romantic Beautiful Kissing Teens Couple in Hd

Elderly Couple

Dental Plaque From Human Sample 800Z Microscope

Flickr/Seth Lemmons

Candida albicans 2
Wikimedia Commons/GrahamColm

Decayed wisdom tooth
Wikimedia Commons/ProjectManhattan

Dental cavity1
Wikimedia Commons/Digantatalukdar

Digital cavity2
Wikimedia Commons/Digantatalukdar

Double big gulp
Wikimedia Commons/Russell Bernice from New York City, USA

Plaque Disclosing Tablets
Wikimedia Commons/Themolarbear

File: Sugar Cubes (7164573186)
Wikimedia Commons/david pacey from LEEDS, West yorkshire

File: The Dental cosmos (1912) (14769050452)
Wikimedia Commons/White, J.D. McQuillen, J.H. (John Hugh), 1826-1879. Ziegler, George Jacob, 1821-1895. White, James William, 1826-1891. Kirk, Edward C. (Edward Cameron), 1856-1933. Anthony, L. Pierce (Lovick Pierce), b. 1877.

File: Phagocytose Entamoeba gingivalis-PMN
Wikimedia Commons/Mark Bonner dmd, Institut International de Parodontie, www.

Oral thrush. Aphthae. Candida albicans.


Dun dun dun

Squeak Pack/squeak_10

Jelly/Jelly Mangling on Plate

Bubbles Popping

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