The Science of Reselling Supreme (Sold Out Pt. 3)

Complex’s docuseries Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers explores the world of reselling, where cutthroat fans do whatever it takes to purchase gear from the streetwear brand, and then sell the goods themselves for big profits. Our four-part series embeds the individuals who perpetuate this global phenomenon to get an on-the-ground look at the illicit market of Supreme apparel.

Being a Supreme reseller is no easy feat. The resale market can be lucrative—individuals can make thousands of dollars a year—but the competition is steep; everyone has their own tactics. There’s more to it than lining up outside the Lafayette Street store on a Thursday morning. There’s more to it than setting up an eBay account.

The third episode of Sold Out: The Underground Economy of Supreme Resellers gets into the specifics of turning a profit flipping Supreme product. Here, the resellers make sense of how someone in their teens can earn upwards of ,000 selling T-shirts, and exactly how one can turn this into a full-time job. They’ll also break down their own individual formulas for success: researching the market, knowing which items to purchase, learning how to price products, and building credibility.

Chief Content Officer: Noah Callahan-Bever
Executive Producer: Marc Fernandez
Director of Video Production: Justin Lundstrom
Producers: Emily Oberg, Davy Gomez, Cornell Brown, Ross Scarano
Associate Producers: Xavier Andrews, Olga Encarnacion
Directors: Davy Gomez, Emily Oberg
Writer: Emily Oberg, James Harris
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Researchers: Kajal Patel, Asim Ismael
Sound Mixer: Speedy Morman
Production Assistants: Kajal Patel, John Tashiro, Marques Leonard
Footage Courtesy of: Mass Appeal, Flatbush Zombies, NBC News, Freshness Mag, RB Umali, Yu-Ming Wu
Barbara Kruger “Untitled” (I shop therefore I am) 1987
Courtesy: Mary Boone Gallery, New York

Featured Guests
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Stylist Racks Hogan
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FMR Editor-in-Chief, four pins Lawrence Schlossman
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Reseller @CopVsDrop
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Reseller Methikan
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Special Thanks: “Donnie Kwak, Lawrence Schlossman, Glenn O’Brien, Gavin Bond, Raf Moses, Kevin Paz, Keith Cecere, Lucas Wisenthal, Leland Ware, Alexis Quintero,
Lori Mason, Andrew Gordon, Rickey Mindlin”

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