5 Questions to ask to get Rhinoplasty Las Vegas

he nose signs the character and when it is source of complex, it is impossible to hide. Aesthetic responses must always take into account the psychological parameter.

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A nose that can no longer bear can spoil life. Marie, 33, experienced it: “When I set up at a restaurant table, I made sure to put myself in the corner where my nose would be the least visible. Each photo was a torture. I had my nose run four years ago, and my life changed. A rhinoplasty engages the whole personality.
1. At what age do we decide on a rhinoplasty?
The operation is possible when the face has completed its bone and cartilage growth, around 16-18 years. “This is a theoretical age,” says Dr. Gerbault, a professor at the International Society of Asthmatic Plastic Surgery. Because psychological maturity remains. I can exceptionally operate a 14-year-old adolescent, with parental agreement, if the nose poses a real psychological problem.
2. How to choose a cosmetic surgeon?
You have to take at least two different opinions, and check the reputation of the surgeon by relying on word-of-mouth. The practitioner must be experienced and do rhinoplasty regularly. The woman, on her side, must feel confident, listened. She must still present her request freely, without the surgeon trying to impose her choice.
3. How do I explain what I want?
This dialogue with the surgeon is paramount. The master word is “natural”, the nose must harmonize with the rest of the face. It is necessary to agree well, because otherwise the final result can be objectively beautiful, but not pleasing. Show photos in magazines, make simulations of morphing from photos, explain his expectations in front of the mirror … several techniques allow to anticipate the final result.
4. What if I have a respiratory problem?
There are few contraindications to nasal surgery: “In some cases of diffuse polyposis (excrescences in the mucous membranes) which deform the nose, or in the case of a problem of uncorrectable bleeding, the operation is prevented. But these cases are rare. Often, the operation will even better breathe, “says Dr. Gerbault.
Thus, a deflected, mechanically obstructed nasal septum can be corrected. Less well-known: valves. “There are areas down the nose that can clap against the inside of the nose and interfere with breathing.
Caution, if these deficiencies are not identified, they can be worsened. A medical check-up before operation consists at least in auscultating the nose with a speculum. “In the slightest doubt, you can do a scan or a nasal fibroscopy that involves slipping a small pipe into the nose,” says Dr. Gerbault.
5. Can a rhinoplasty correct everything?
Everything is correctable, starting with the most classic cases of hump on the nose or nose too thick … even if some cases remain more delicate.