Pocket Science | The Style Pile Episode #3

It’s not pocket science! Well, actually it is.

Welcome to my new youtube series, The Style Pile!
Episode 1:
Episode 2:

The idea behind this new series:
I have this box, sitting in my craft room, that’s filled with half-finished projects and clothes that I thrifted, AGES ago, with the intention of fixing and doing something cute with them, but have ended up ignoring by throwing them in this box to never think about them again. And it’s turning into a bit of a problem. So, in each episode of this new series I’m going to just grab an item out of this box and fix it up, until the box is empty. This series is mostly going to be focused on simple fixes, so they’ll be pretty short little videos, but hopefully they will help teach you some simple sewing techniques and cover more of the basics, and at the same time help you to make your clothes cuter/better! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this new series – I’m really excited about it!

****** MUSIC ******
Dream Eater by MDK
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“Super Galactic Space Journey” by Teknoaxe


Thank you to Julia Elms for the opening artwork!

Microphone: Rode Shotgun VideoMic
Editing software: Final Cut Pro 10.2.1
Sewing Machine: Bernina Bernette Oxford 6 and Bernette 610D (overlocker)

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