Mystery Science Theater 3000 Audition

This is my audition “tape” for the roll of Kinga Forrester’s evil lab assistant, which ended up going to Patton Oswalt… I’m not mad… The fact that I had the opportunity to audition, is/was a dream come true. I think too many massively bigger stars want to be a part of the show, so I don’t think I’m going to be a part of this one. Sadly. Like, really, really sadly… But I had so much fun auditioning, I thought I’d share the tape with you guys! Hope you enjoy!

I also thought there may be an opportunity for me to continue this character here on my channel. As a sort of unofficial inclusion into the MST3K universe, as an obsessed wannabe mad scientist who posts experiment videos to his YouTube channel to try and get Kinga’s attention.

Anyway here’s the original description for the video below:

“Dr. Chip Chensels” has his own YouTube science show where he attempts to replicate Dr. Clayton Forrester’s failed experiments, to get the attention of Kinga Forrester, and be hired as her evil assistant!