Does Insurance pay for rhinoplasty?

Because they are considered care, some plastic surgery operations can be taken care of by the Social Security … A help that may decide you to take the step or to have one of your children operate.
Restorative surgery is 100%

Plastic interventions on the face or body after a disease (cancer, paralysis), a road accident, burns, a fall, an animal bite …, are considered as reconstructive and therefore taken care of.

In addition, restorative surgery is performed to correct a birth defects that could lead to health risks (removal of moles and nævi on the skin, intervention on the cleft lip, etc.).

Certain operations affecting birth defects are the subject of a prior agreement.
Cosmetic surgery not reimbursed, with exceptions …

Purely aesthetic surgery usually does not give rise to reimbursement. There are two categories of exceptions. The former are linked to the existence of a risk to health; The latter, to the recognition of serious psychological or social harm.
100% reimbursement for restorative surgery

Restorative surgery is 100% covered by Social Security.

The reimbursement concerns the operation as well as the anesthesia.

However, the reimbursement is total only if the operation is carried out in a public hospital. For clinics with higher prices, exceedances are not covered.
Who to contact?

Are you hesitant to resort to cosmetic surgery? Consult a cosmetic surgeon … serious. If he is competent and professional, he will never insist to operate, but will try to help his patients to become aware of their motivation.

To find a good practitioner, trust the word of mouth or consult the list of physicians holding the specialty of plastic surgery, restorative and aesthetic.

This list is available on the website of the Ordre des médecins.
What operations are taken into account?
The unattractive aspect is linked to a significant physical risk or discomfort.

In these cases, the aesthetic modification is associated with a therapeutic act and can give rise to reimbursement. The following shall in particular be concerned:

Repairing the nose if the deflection of the septum generates respiratory problems;
Breast reduction when breast hypertrophy can cause back problems;
The surgery of the belly when this one is very voluminous or flaccid (especially after several pregnancies) and that the muscles of the wall are distended.


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