25 Things Everyone Should Know About Science

Science is important. It’s responsible for almost everything that we know about our world on a physical level. It is important to understand, however, that science is not a book full of facts. It is a process by which we figure things out about the world. Of course, the philosophy of knowledge and all things metaphysical fall into areas that science has nothing to say about. Science is concerned with things that we can test and observe. And we all do it. Even those of us who claim to hate science in school or those of us who think scientists are all controlled by the illuminati. Yes, even you are a scientist so be sure to pay close attention to these 25 things everyone should know about science.

Have you ever looked at a pond and wondered how deep it is? How would you figure that out? Well, you have to measure it. But how? Maybe a stick. But should the stick be small, like a twig? Or big, like a branch? So first you take a look at the pond and make a guess. Then, you find a stick that you think is appropriate. And you try to scrape the bottom. Did it touch? No? Then your hypothesis about the depth of the pond was wrong. You need to go find a bigger stick. And that, in a simple nutshell is science. These are 25 Things Everyone Should Know About Science!

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Science changes
Natural does not equal healthy
Bacteria are everywhere
Correlation doesn’t equal causation
You use 100 percent of your brain
Endorphins cause attraction
Your cellphone won’t kill you
Nuclear reactors are always “critical”
Laws versus Theories
Quantum Mechanics
Science is a process
Science is part of what makes us human
There is no “official highest authority” in science
Knowledge sharing
Nuclear reactions
Analog vs Digital

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