25 Natural Phenomena That Science Has Yet To Explain

It’s hard to believe, but there are things that our scientists have not been able to explain. Things like, balls of electricity appearing in the sky, or the random movement of 700 pound rocks with no aid from man or beast. Will we ever know the answers to these mysterious natural phenomena? Maybe. But as of now, these 25 natural phenomena remain a mystery.

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Sun´s corona
Animal migration
Taos hum
Jellyfish disappearance from the Jellyfish Lake
Ice circles
Hurricane on Saturn
Monarch butterfly migration
Animal rain
Naga fireballs
Mapimi silence zone
Earthquake lights
Volcanic lights
Moon illusion
Synchronous fireflies
Cat´s purr
Humpback whale´s singing
Beginning of the universe
Bermuda triangle
Loch Ness monster
Fairy circles
Sailing stones
Whale stranding
Ball lightning
Hessdalen light