This video is presented for its technical merit only. Do NOT attempt to do this. Modern meters will flag tampering like this, and the actual act caries a high risk of electrocution or burns.
In the dark past, devices called “retarders” were sold on the black market from shady vendors in pubs, from car boots and from under dodgy market stalls. These devices were indiscriminately sold to non-technical people by equally non technical people to make their meters run backwards. The idea was that you hooked this thing up to your meter by jamming wires up its terminals, and it could be used to wind your meter backwards to reduce your electricity bill.
The downside (and it’s quite a big one) is that the units were not really suited for non technical people and if you either put the wires in the wrong place or connected them in the wrong sequence, you would either end up getting a shock or severely burned, with the possibility of taking out the supply authorities fuse, or even the whole street.
These things were also quite severe in the current they passed through the meter, and would often leave scorch marks on the terminals, burn the insides, or in the case of misconnection, completely destroy the meter. All things the supply company would look for when you opened the door to them while whimpering quietly with the charred remnants of your skin falling off your hands.
Latterly devices to detect this activity were added to meters in the form of non-resettable flags that would move out if the meter ran in the wrong direction, or in the case of digital meters a tamper indicator.


Have you ever wonder how sex looks like from the inside of the vagina? This couple agreed to put on cameras on their organ to have a better look of what’s going on down there.
Sexual intercouse is one of the wonders of Science. However, it is ironic that sex is often stigmatized in the society when in fact, it is a natural and interesting process to show how the human body functions. Because of the stigma surrounding it, most scientific research involving sex have only limited experiments. But this particular study could be one of the most outstanding researches of the year 2015 with its bold and daring concept.

For the sake of Science, a British documentary went extra measures that no other study has ever tried before: to see what exactly happens when two people have sex. But this is not your typical adult film. Here’s the catch: scientists attached tiny cameras on the organs of couple while they were having intercourse to dissect what happens down there during sex.

In order to get a closer look of what happens to the human body while engaging in sexual intercourse, the male and female participants agreed to attach tiny cameras in their organ, particularly inside the vagina and above the nipples of the female to see how stimulation and penetration affects her. A tiny lens was placed inside her vagina to record as the male organ enters her. The tiny cameras will also provide a closer view to the clitoris and G-spot.
Despite of its scientific background, this documentary may be viewed as indecent or inappropriate since it provides an uncensored footage of the actual intercourse. This is a major problem when it comes to the exposure of the said experiment. As a matter of fact, several websites who have featured the video said that they were cautious because it could be tagged as pornography. Jane Ussher, author of the article ‘Sex in the name of Science: what we can learn from studying intercourse’ said:

“Today, researchers who use experimental methods to study sex are in the minority. Ethical considerations, difficulties in recruitment, difficulties in getting funding, and awareness that sex is more than the body, are some of the reasons for this. Contemporary sex researchers mainly use questionnaires or interviews, asking people about their sexual experiences and desires.”

The aim of the study is to shed light on the effects of sex in biological levels, which may help those people suffering from sexual dysfunction. Before continuing, we would like to inform you that the content of this video is not suitable for work so if you’re on your working place at the moment, you might want to reconsider opening the clip. This scientific experiment is for mature people only.


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